1. I was born in Wilmington Delaware, the first state
  2. I’ve lived in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina and Costa Rica.
  3. I wrestled 119 lbs in high school and placed 3 times in the state finals (4th, 3rd, 2nd).
  4. I got smarter, and played division I soccer for College of Charleston 1994-1999
  5. I created my first Yahoo email account in 1996, and started to enjoy the Internet
  6. I graduated College of Charleston in 1999, B.S. Business Administration
  7. I worked at Settindown Creek Golf Course for 9 summers, starting in middle school through college.
  8. I met my wife playing coed soccer in Atlanta – YMCA complex.
  9. I proposed to my wife in Costa Rica @ Manuel Antonio National Park, May 2004.
  10. I broke my Tib/Fib in October of 2010, playing soccer. New titanium rod in my right leg.
  11. My wife and I now have a daughter – Amelia Brooke Dobbs, she is amazing!
  12. Our direct families all still live in Atlanta area.
  13. I’m number #20 in MBNR. A Folly Beach SC surf club, born for the love of surfing, we are the Macho Beach Noseriders. If you don’t know ask somebody!
  14. I recently purchased my first DSLR Canon camera just over a year ago. I’m hooked and want new lenses.
  15. If I could retire today, I’d go surfing everyday and learn to become a professional photographer.
  16. To date, I’ve visited 13 countries. Costa Rica, Barbados, St. John, Tortola, Bahamas, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Mexico, Fiji, St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Canada, England
  17. I’ve worked at 360i (Digital Marketing Agency) since Spring of 2000. 13+ years and I still love the people, SEO work and clients.
  18. I’ve never taken a puff of a cigarette, yes, I only said cigarette
  19. I love fires
  20. #machobeach

Mike Dobbs

Mike is responsible for overseeing strategic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initiatives for 360i's clients. Since joining 360i in 2000, Mike has successfully managed large-scale search marketing campaigns for leading Fortune 500 marketers, implementing strategies that leverage the changing natural search landscape and its emerging opportunities to propel 360i clients to the top of the SERPs.

A nationally recognized search marketing expert, Mike has been quoted as a search engine expert in leading publications and regularly contributes to 360i’s blog, Digital Connections. Mike holds a BS in Business Administration from The College of Charleston. For more on Mike, follow him on Twitter at @mikedobbs.