I have a love hate relationship with technology and the digital world of today.  The latest technologies and digital innovations keep my curiosities high,  and press my need to discover and explore these changes.  A  surfer at heart, it’s in my DNA to track down a new place or challenge, and find out what’s around the next corner. As an SEO professional, it is a key trait of success.

While attending College of Charleston in the mid to late 90’s, I was lucky enough to own a personal computer. All thanks to my parents, I also maintained an Internet connection at the downtown apartment. Having been a geek those years is paying off. I created my first Yahoo mail account in 1994 as a freshman. Many evenings spent clicking from link to link, exploring the content and information within this new world. Little did I know, I was honing future skill sets for web analysis, auditing and troubleshooting.

caseStorm Trooper Case 

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