Google Nexus 5x and Google Fi

On October 28, 2015 by Mike Dobbs

I just moved my cell number from my current carrier over to to Google Fi. Outside of me entering some incorrect account info and forgetting to put in the Google Fi SIM Card, the process went very smooth. Or, it would have, if my head was screwed on correctly. I can finally SMS/Text and make calls from within “dead zones” of my house. So, for me, that’s the biggest perk. But, I expect cost savings too, as most of my data is being pulled down via Wi-fi networks. And, I have my data limit set high, just in case I need it (on month vs another), If I don’t use data from T-mobile/Sprint networks, Google won’t charge me, and I get my money back…

The Nexus 5X is solid, and the best new feature is the fingerprint scanner. Speeds things up greatly to access your phone securely and not enter a 4 digit pin.
Camera seems to be improved also with 4K video, not bad for the pricing.

The other really cool thing, is now every one of my devices with Hangouts, just became another cell phone associated with my mobile number. I can sign in at work, home, ipad, desktop, etc.. devices and SMS/Call as if I’m using my actual cell phone. My only concern is the same problem I’ve always had with Hangouts, if it simultaneously rings multiple devices. That is a real pain, and curious how Project Fi will manage those If/Than situations… I’ve been using it for all of 3 hours, but on the way to work, it looked like LTE the whole way… I will follow up on the experience.

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