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On March 19, 2014 by Mike Dobbs

I’ve started reading and watching more videos with Google’s Lead Engineer, Ray Kurzweil.
He has some extreme ideas, but the next few decades is going to get very interesting and most people are not giving it a lot of serious thought.

Over the last 2 years, I’ve become a lot more engaged with how my Phone and Google’s Android OS. Each update is telling…. i.e. from Gingerbread to Jelly Bean.
Even from 4.0 to 4.4 KitKat. What I find interesting, and my excitement, is these updates (each software upgrade) upgrades “me” with more power or intelligence.
That’s hard to ignore, if you can get an edge in life – take it. Anyhow, I’m keeping closer eye on this concept of convergence and the explosion of IT that we are all seeing.

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